70/30 Club for Juniors

What does it stand for? The 70/30 Club originated from the concept of practice habits I have learned from, and shared with, some of the greatest golfers in the world.   It's a fact that in a round of golf, approximately 70% of your shots for the entire day are played from inside 120 yards. 70%!  Yet I still see juniors head to the range to spend 100% of their time on their long game.   What about practicing your scoring game?  At the 70/30 Club, you will spend 30% of your time learning and getting to know your golf swing on the driving range and the golf course. Obviously, this is an important part of your golf game but what's going to separate you from someone with the same skill level?  It's your short game.   At the 70/30 Club we will spend 70% of your time on your short game. Learning how to pitch, chip, master any bunker shot and become a great putter, all with the ultimate goal of lowering your scores and reaching the next level.  Come and take advantage of one of the best short game practice areas in Northern California to sharpen your skills and lower your scores. Mark Wiebe 

Corporate Outings-Team building

Elevate your next golf outing and customize the day your way.  Treat your clients, staff or someone you'd like to impress, to a day specifically tailored to meet your needs.  For companies large and small, I can make your golf experience a special one.  To learn more about pricing and booking your corporate outing, please contact me at mwiebegolf@gmail.com  
Group Lessons

Individual or Group Lesson / pricing

Individual time spent on the driving range, short game area and putting green or select a specific part of the game that you'd like to address.  My goal is to uncover the keys that lead to your natural golf swing.  The swing that is easy to repeat.  OR  for those who want a golf lesson but prefer to do it with a friend or two, the group lesson is a great option.  2-5 students will get all of the golf instruction of the individual lesson but will have the opportunity to learn in a group setting.                         Individual     1 hour  $200       Group  (3-5)  1 hr $100 per golfer    Junior    1 hour   $150                                                                                                                                                                 

Video Analysis

Playing lesson / on course instruction

The main goal in golf is to always strive to be better and to score as low as possible.   The playing lesson is absolutely the best place to learn to lower your score and improve your swing.  I provide specific instruction to allow you to achieve your best golf.   Learn specific strategies, swing thoughts and practice making game time decisions, all on the golf course.  A perfect time to identify your strengths and weaknesses.  Experience makes a difference.

Junior Golf

I'm passionate about developing  new programs for juniors to create a fun and exciting environment to help them learn and excel in this life long game.  Come to San Jose Country Club and join us at the 70/30 Club where I'll share the secrets to success that I've learned from some of the greats of the game.   Experience does make a difference!....Also, look for my new junior program "inside the ropes".   It's all happening at the 70/30 Club.  for more info.       mwiebegolf@gmail.com

San Jose Country Club

I am excited to be part of the team at San Jose Country Club.  Being the Director of Instruction gives me the opportunity to make a difference at one of the oldest and most historic golf clubs in Northern California. I'm looking forward to sharing what I have learned over 30 plus years of PGA Tour and PGA Tour Champions.
The Senior Open Championship - Day Four

Need a 4th?

This is the ultimate experience for the golf fanatic.  I'll come to your course to fill out your foursome. You will receive all the instruction you'd like on any or all aspects of your golf games starting with the range and then taking it on the course for 18 holes.  Surprise your favorite golf group, celebrate a birthday, treat your boss, clients or business partners to a special day full of expert professional instruction.  And I always bring my Senior Open Claret Jug!